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Rice Cooker Reviews – The Importance of Rice
6:04 am | July 11, 2011

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Rice cookers (along with crock pots) are my favorite extra kitchen appliance. With more and more people switching to rice as a staple in their diet, rice cookers have become quite popular as they are able to cook rice quickly and easily and make much tastier rice than cooking it in a pot.

The first thing to know about rice cooker reviews is that the taste of the rice has a lot more to do with the type of rice you are buying rather than the rice cooker itself. There are three primary types of rice. The first is short grain rice, which tends to be very starchy and sticky. This is typical “asian rice”.

The second type of rice is long grain rice, which tends to be a lot drier and separates easily, not sticking together like short grain rice. Medium grain rice is somewhere in the middle.

When most people eat rice out of a rice cooker, they errantly assume for some reason that it is the rice cooker which makes the rice sticky. This is not the case! Instead, it is the stickiness of the grain of rice use which makes the rice sticky.

This is not to say that rice cookers do not do a good job. They cook rice perfectly and if you use the right amount of water it never burns and does not have to be stirred which is very convenient. You simply dump the rice and water in the pot and turn it on and you get perfectly done rice when it beeps. It even keeps it hot for you.

However, even with the best rice machine, if you want asian rice, you need to go out and buy short grain rice. This is often hard to find at the grocery store and instead you may have to visit an asian grocery store to get this stuff. At the normal grocery store, short grain rice can easily run over a dollar a pound where in an asian grocery store it is only 20-40 cents per pound. It is much cheaper to buy it in an asian grocery store and is worth the trip.