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Heartburn Remedies for Pregnant Women
2:35 am | June 22, 2011

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Did you know that nearly all of pregnant women will suffer from heartburn at one point? It is not surprising that pregnant women have been searching for good heartburn remedies to help ease the pain so they can get a good night’s rest.

Why do so many pregnant women develop acid reflux? Well, it is actually a physical mechanism. As the baby grows and takes up space in the abdomen, it puts pressure on the stomach and squeezes the stomach, especially after eating a lot of food which pregnant women tend to do often.

With this pressure, acid reflux becomes a lot more common. The odds of getting acid reflux increase with every trimester of pregnancy as the baby grows larger and larger.

However, it is not as simple for pregnant women to just take a prescription to reduce their heartburn as many of these medicines can block the absorption of key nutrients that the baby needs to grow. As a result many women suffer from heartburn but at the same time are not allowed to take anything in order to stop it.

This leads us back to home remedies for heartburn. These are very valuable to pregnant women as they allow them to quiet down their heartburn without truly suffering from the acid reflux itself.

One heartburn remedy that works really well is chewing gum. Chew gum after each meal and you will find your acid reflux goes down quite a bit. Additionally, you will want to know that not only does chewing gum help but also walking after eating helps. This improves the movement of food along the digestive tract. You do not have to walk fast or even that long, just a nice 10 minute walk after eating is plenty.

Better yet, you can combine these two approaches and chew gum while you walk. This will combat heartburn on both ends and is perfectly safe for the baby.