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Cure Tinnitus With Herbal Supplements
2:39 am | March 11, 2012

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Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a major problem throughout the world. Whether it be from explosions, construction, or concerts, many people slowly accrue inner ear hair damage which results in hearing loss over time.

Tinnitus Cure

Ultimately, this hearing loss often culminates in tinnitus, and since the hair cannot be replaced, many people are told there is no tinnitus cure. However, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence which suggests that this may not be the case at all.

Instead, a lot of people have found success in treating their tinnitus via two mechanisms: reducing blood pressure and improving nerve function.

Reducing blood pressure is helpful when dealing with tinnitus as one of the major arteries that feeds the brain runs right by the middle and inner ear. If you have high blood pressure, pumping the blood at high pressure can create vibrations which can trigger tinnitus. Naturally, lowering blood pressure in this situation will help reduce this kind of tinnitus.

Blood pressure is primarily lowered through exercise (which helps arteries and veins dialate) and weight loss (which reduces the total volume that needs blood). A lot of people do not realize this, but when you get fatter, your body has to make more capillaries to supply blood to that extra fat. This means that the heart needs to pump blood to more and more areas of the body as you get fatter. The further and more areas blood needs to pump to, the higher your blood pressure gets. Likewise, when you lose weight, less blood needs to be pumped out and your blood pressure drops.

Additionally, you can try a few supplements like fish oil and lecithin, both of which can improve nerve function. This decreases the chance that your nerves send false signals to the brain (producing tinnitus) as well as enhances the clarity of communications from your nerves ot the brain in the first place.

Diablo 3 Strategy Guide – Game Difficulty Levels
7:31 am | October 23, 2011

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Diablo 3 Strategy GuideIn this Diablo 3 strategy guide, we will be discussing how the game difficulty level system works in Diablo 3 so you can understand exactly what to expect from the game’s different difficulties.

First off, you should know that there are 4 difficulty levels: normal, nightmare, hell, and inferno modes. Each of these will require its own Diablo 3 strategy guide as each of these modes becomes progressively more difficult.

However, one thing you should know is that these difficulty modes are all essentially the same game, just harder. You play through all the acts on normal mode and when you beat the final boss you get to go to Nightmare mode. In Nightmare mode, all the enemies are a bit harder but the general gist of the game is still the same.

In normal mode, the game starts out very easy and you get levels pretty quickly. It seems that Normal mode will take you up to level 25 or so and has very basic items. You do not find rare or unique items very often in normal mode games so you want to get out of this difficulty level as quickly as you can.

Next up is Nightmare mode. Nightmare mode actually seems to last quite a few levels, and will take you from level 25 or so to the low 50s in levels. It is just like Normal mode except that your enemies do a lot more damage. You also start to find more rare items here, but there are still not too many unique and set items in this difficulty level.

Once you complete Nightmare mode, you get to go to hell mode. Hell mode starts out in the low level 50 range and the enemies go up to level 60 (the level cap) before you finish. You can also find a lot of unique and set items in Hell mode. You also can craft some decent items and get a decent level 60 set going just off of Hell mode alone.

Finally, there is Inferno mode. In Inferno mode, every enemy is level 61+. This means that every enemy you encounter will be a higher level than you and get some sort of edge when it comes to dodge/crit rate/damage reduction and what have you. Additionally, all enemies will do more damage.

The good thing about Inferno mode is that since every enemy is a high level, pretty much all enemies can drop great gear and you can get a lot of equipment this way. The bad thing about Inferno mode is that the enemies are really powerful. You might want to spend some time in Hell mode first to get some decent equipment before you venture into Inferno mode.

SWTOR Guide for Bounty Hunters in PvP
7:50 am | October 5, 2011

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So, you decided to pick a Bounty Hunter. Fortunately, you are in luck, because the Bounty Hunter is one of the easiest classes to play in PvP in Star Wars The Old Republic. In this SWTOR Guide to Bounty Hunter PvP, we will be discussing exactly why this is the case and what you can do to earn some extra cash from your Bounty Hunter in the first place.


The main ability you have to be aware of when it comes to having success with the Bounty Hunter in PvP is Tracer Missile. This ability does a lot of damage and you can use it over and over to defeat many players. The ability itself does more damage each time you use it since it reduces your targets armor.

What you want to do is be sure to bind Tracer Missile to the “1″ key so that you can press 1 repeatedly whenever you encounter an enemy in player versus player. This may sound a bit ridiculous but the truth is this Tracer Missile strategy is what makes Bounty Hunters so deadly in PvP. If you decided to pick the other advanced spec of Bounty Hunter, you messed up as Tracer Missile is definitely the best ability.

I would not waste too much time with that ability where you fly in the air and shoot missiles on the ground like Boba Fett did in the movies. Any player worth their salt will interrupt that ability so fast, and there is a lag in between flying up and actually dealing damage. All this will accomplish is you wasting time on flying into the air and then getting interrupted. If you want to be a real pro at the Bounty Hunter class all you have to do is to find a way to use Tracer Missile non-stop throughout a match and manage your heat so you do not overheat if you can help it.

Induction Cooktop Reviews You Can Trust
4:12 am | September 11, 2011

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If you have been skeptical about getting an induction cooktop, do not waste any more time. If you have any interest in cooking at all or want to speed up your cooking time, you will want to get an induction cooktop as soon as you can.

It can be hard to find good induction cooktop reviews that you can trust, but Amazon tends to have pretty good reviews. All induction cooktops work pretty well from what I have seen and you can get a cheap but effective one for under a hundred dollars.

What vendors will not tell you is that it is many times more expensive to re-fit your stovetop with induction cooking whereas it is much cheaper to get a few stand-alone units which plug into the wall which can effectively replace your stove. For example, these things are just small cooking plates that plug right into the wall and you can cook on top of with little worry.

The reason for this is induction cooktops do not work the same way as other cooktops. Induction cooktops do not get hot themselves but rather use magnets to heat the pan or pot you are cooking with. This means that the bottom of an induction cooktop does not get hot even when it is on a high setting! This means you can place it right on your counter top and start cooking literally wherever you want without having to worry about the heat of the cooktop damaging your table or counter. It does not produce heat itself nor does it get hot even when it is on so that is not a worry. You can cook right on wood without any chance of scarring the wood.

Since plug-in induction cooktops are so cheap, you can just get a few individual units and have a full kitchen worth of induction-powered cooking for a few hundred dollars. I know most people who end up buying 1 induction cooktop end up getting a second because they like it so much and because the units themselves are so cheap.

Rice Cooker Reviews – The Importance of Rice
6:04 am | July 11, 2011

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Rice cookers (along with crock pots) are my favorite extra kitchen appliance. With more and more people switching to rice as a staple in their diet, rice cookers have become quite popular as they are able to cook rice quickly and easily and make much tastier rice than cooking it in a pot.

The first thing to know about rice cooker reviews is that the taste of the rice has a lot more to do with the type of rice you are buying rather than the rice cooker itself. There are three primary types of rice. The first is short grain rice, which tends to be very starchy and sticky. This is typical “asian rice”.

The second type of rice is long grain rice, which tends to be a lot drier and separates easily, not sticking together like short grain rice. Medium grain rice is somewhere in the middle.

When most people eat rice out of a rice cooker, they errantly assume for some reason that it is the rice cooker which makes the rice sticky. This is not the case! Instead, it is the stickiness of the grain of rice use which makes the rice sticky.

This is not to say that rice cookers do not do a good job. They cook rice perfectly and if you use the right amount of water it never burns and does not have to be stirred which is very convenient. You simply dump the rice and water in the pot and turn it on and you get perfectly done rice when it beeps. It even keeps it hot for you.

However, even with the best rice machine, if you want asian rice, you need to go out and buy short grain rice. This is often hard to find at the grocery store and instead you may have to visit an asian grocery store to get this stuff. At the normal grocery store, short grain rice can easily run over a dollar a pound where in an asian grocery store it is only 20-40 cents per pound. It is much cheaper to buy it in an asian grocery store and is worth the trip.

Heartburn Remedies for Pregnant Women
2:35 am | June 22, 2011

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Did you know that nearly all of pregnant women will suffer from heartburn at one point? It is not surprising that pregnant women have been searching for good heartburn remedies to help ease the pain so they can get a good night’s rest.

Why do so many pregnant women develop acid reflux? Well, it is actually a physical mechanism. As the baby grows and takes up space in the abdomen, it puts pressure on the stomach and squeezes the stomach, especially after eating a lot of food which pregnant women tend to do often.

With this pressure, acid reflux becomes a lot more common. The odds of getting acid reflux increase with every trimester of pregnancy as the baby grows larger and larger.

However, it is not as simple for pregnant women to just take a prescription to reduce their heartburn as many of these medicines can block the absorption of key nutrients that the baby needs to grow. As a result many women suffer from heartburn but at the same time are not allowed to take anything in order to stop it.

This leads us back to home remedies for heartburn. These are very valuable to pregnant women as they allow them to quiet down their heartburn without truly suffering from the acid reflux itself.

One heartburn remedy that works really well is chewing gum. Chew gum after each meal and you will find your acid reflux goes down quite a bit. Additionally, you will want to know that not only does chewing gum help but also walking after eating helps. This improves the movement of food along the digestive tract. You do not have to walk fast or even that long, just a nice 10 minute walk after eating is plenty.

Better yet, you can combine these two approaches and chew gum while you walk. This will combat heartburn on both ends and is perfectly safe for the baby.